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Disposable Diaper Manufacturers

Disposable Diaper ManufacturersThere isn’t one single inventor of disposable diapers – rather today’s disposable diaper manufacturers were born out of the necessity and convenience for something better than the traditional cotton cloth diapers mothers had become used to in the early 1800’s.

The first commercially available concept of a disposable diaper was actually a tissue paper padding that was held in place with rubber pants and was invented in Sweden.  This was during wartime, when cotton was a rare commodity necessary for war efforts.   Later, this same company developed a type of diaper roll, where the wadded pads were held in place by a knitted mesh.  This was essentially material fabric on a roll that had to be cut into panties for the baby.

Disposable Diapers – A Luxury?

During the 1940’s, disposable diapers were considered a luxury item, and were seldom used except for special occasions like a long trip, vacation or a doctor visit.  Back then, disposable diapers were made with an absorbent tissue paper core and a basic rectangular design.  If you can imagine the absorbency of tissue paper (not much!), you’d know that these diapers could hold very little.  In the 1960’s, a man named Vic Mills, who worked for Proctor & Gamble, invented the Pampers brand of diapers while looking for an alternative to cloth diapers for his little grandson.  They were an instant hit.  The problem was, they had no way to fasten the diapers, and so the tape was sold separately and parents had to have it on hand when changing their infant.

The Evolution of the Diaper

Disposable diaper manufacturers knew that the demand for better leakage protection and improved design would only grow, anDisposable Diaper Manufacturersd as more manufacturers entered the market, the need for innovations and taking customer feedback into account became paramount to surviving as a disposable diaper manufacturer.  Elastic waistbands and leg cuffs, breathable diapers, Velcro or hook fasteners and even wetness indicators were developed to help provide added comfort for baby, and more convenience for mom and dad.  Not surprisingly, many of these new inventions were patented or trademarked, making the disposable diaper manufacturers workplace a veritable lawyer’s heaven in terms of protecting and defending their patents and trademarks.   Currently, over 600 patents exist in the diaper industry!

Continual Innovation and Ingenuity in Diaper Manufacturing

With a greater emphasis on providing organic and earth friendly products, disposable diaper manufacturers are working hard to make their products more in line with consumer wishes and manufacturing requirements.  New strides are being made in developing better absorbent cores, organic cotton back ends, improved fit and thinner, more shapely design to help stop leakage and prevent diaper rash.  As consumers demand more environmentally sound measures for disposable diapers, you can be certain that new technologies and engineering processes will be there to help keep baby safe, happy and dry, without breaking mom and dad’s wallet.   Faster production, less waste of raw materials and more affordable choices make finding a top disposable diaper manufacturer easier than ever!