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Diaper Manufacturers

Diaper ManufacturersA Closer Look At The Latest Advances From Diaper Manufacturers

You may think that all diapers are created equal, but even in the last 10-20 years, there have been some incredible forward-thinking advances in the technology and innovation used to create one of mankind’s most necessary products.   Interestingly, you don’t have to go back far to consider just how far these simple inventions have come.  From basic cotton cloth held together with safety pins, to modern day biodegradable disposable diapers, diaper manufacturers are consistently coming up with ways to make babies more comfortable, and make diapers more convenient and safe.

Mass Production of Diapers

While speed isn’t the only consideration, it’s is a true marvel of technology in how quickly diapers can be produced today.  Back during the 1960’s, diaper machines could crank out (what was then) a stunning 100 or so diapers per minute.  Impressive, but the amount of liquid the diapers could hold resulted in around a 10% leakage.  The 1970’s and 1980’s competition between the top diaper manufacturers meant that innovations were swift to market, and consumer demand for multiple sizes and improved absorbency shot up like a rocket.  A highly absorbable material called SAP was introduced, which made a leakage goal of around 2% — something diaper manufacturers had tried to achieve for years.

Consumer Demand Prompts Ingenuity

Throughout the 90’s and the 2000’s, diapers underwent major changes in terms of the material they were made with.  New polymer combinations, Velcro or hook fasteners and highly increased absorbency helped stop leaks even further while decreasing the overall weight of the diaper were made in the frantic pace to outdo other companies and reach a larger market share.  New diapers included a wide range of benefits for baby, including aloe vera for skin irritations and diaper rash, anti-bacteria and anti-germ protection, wetness indicators and even glow in the dark tabs were released by diaper manufacturers in the hope of winning over moms.

Today’s Advances From Diaper Manufacturers

In the 2000’s and beyond, there is a strong emphasis on creating diapers that are thinner and more breathable to  the skin, while still maintaining absorbency and leakage protection.  There’s also a major push for earth-friendly and biodegradable materials.  Old-fashioned diapers from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s typically took 100 years or more to degrade in a landfill.  New materials are being developed which reduce that degradation level to one month.  More research is also being done to help spread the idea of disposable diapers to other countries.  It’s hard to believe that disposable diapers were once a luxury in developed nations and were only used in absolutely necessary cases.

For a future outlook from diaper manufacturers, the idea is to use our natural resources and human ingenuity to the fullest to create diapers that fit better and cost less along with the reduced use of raw materials – particularly those with a higher cost such as oil.  No one wants to be forced to pay more – so manufacturers are starting to look toward more natural and renewable sources for diaper materials.