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Adult Diaper Manufacturer

Adult Diaper ManufacturerBuying From An Adult Diaper Manufacturer

Adult diapers (also called incontinence pads or incontinence briefs) are generally worn out of necessity because of bladder control problems or a physical or mental disability.  Adult diapers can also be worn by those who are bedridden or independently unable to reach the toilet. Either way, it is a highly personal and potentially embarassing aspect of life for some people, which is why adult diaper manufacturers do their best to make the process easier on everyone.

How Are Adult Diapers Made?

Adult diapers are made generally the same way as infant diapers, except in larger sizes with more absorbing material.  Thanks to the invention of specialized absorbent cores made of a unique chemical polymer, today’s diapers can hold several times their weight in liquid.  This applies to both adult and child diapers, however, it takes time for the chemical to soak up the liquid, therefore a more absorbent layer wicks moisture away from the skin and pulls it into a sort of holding area while the polymer absorbs the liquid gradually.

The Manufacturing Process

Whether bought from an adult diaper manufacturer or a regular baby diaper manufacturer, nearly all diapers undergo the same type of process.  Raw materials such as the absorbent core and non woven fabric form the base of the diaper while other options such as the printing, elasticity and adhesives can be added on later.   Many diapers are made using a meltblown process which blows and vacuums small polymer particles onto a moving conveyor belt, forcing them into a flat sheet.  This cost effective method makes sure that every ingredient in the diaper goes precisely where it is needed, thereby minimizing waste.

Quality Control

Adult diaper manufacturers know that quality is paramount when it comes to manufacturing diapers that are reliable without being noticeable.  Interestingly enough, the polymers used in the manufacturing of diapers are often left over from other chemical processes and plants – too small for their applications, but just right for the making of diapers.   While there are still many improvements to be made, every adult diaper manufacturer tries to get as many diapers as possible from each set of fabric to help minimize waste.  Quality control generally relates to the amount of absorbency in the diaper.

New Technologies And Advances From Today’s Adult Diaper Manufacturer

Because the vast majority of adult diapers are disposable, there is the concern of landfill overcrowding by way of bulky disposable diapers.  Today, most manufacturers are looking for ways to make diapers thinner, more earth friendly (such as biodegradable options) or incorporate organic fibers such as natural cotton.  Improved elastic is also necessary to stop leaks while preventing chafing of the skin or discomfort.  Considering the bulky, heavy diapers of the 1970’s, made from wood pulp and other thick materials, to today’s lightweight, super absorbent diapers, you can be certain that the incredible innovations from adult diaper manufacturers will continue to blossom in the coming decades as more and more of the baby boomer generation reaches their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond, thus increasing the demand on adult diaper manufacturers exponentially.  When that time comes, you can be certain that every manufacturer will be doing their best to promote quality without sacrificing the standards and innovative ideas that got them this far.